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When is my MOT test due?

To find out if your vehicle has a valid MOT and when your next MOT test is due, visit the GOV.UK website and enter your vehicle registration number.

MoT Sheffield

At MoT Sheffield, our fully-qualified technicians will carry out your MoT test and with hundreds of satisfied customers you can be sure of the best in service and value. You can book quickly and easily online or call us and we'll make your booking personally.

MoT Sheffield - tester you can trust

We want to rectify the problem for you and will always look for the most cost - effective way of achieving this without compromising your safety. As a DVSA - approved MoT centre, everything we do is strictly monitored and failure rates must reflect national averages. Were we to carry out unnecessary work we could lose our licence – and you, our customer. So it can't and won't happen.

Professional customer service

At MoT Sheffield, our skilled technicians will ensure that the work is carried out to the highest standards and where a cheaper option is available it will be offered as a matter of cours

MoT Price normally: £54.85

Our Price Just

£40.00 class 4

£50.00 class 7 

Save £20.00, Over 50% off with every service

Class 7 MOTs

If you need an MOT for your van or light commercial vehicle, at AFP M O T we have a MOT test centres with facilities especially designed to carry out class 7 MOTs on vehicles weighing 3,000-3,500kg.

Class 7 MOT centre to book.

Motorhome M.O.T

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  • Free MoT Re-Test

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What is an MOT?

MOT testing is required by law on all vehicles in the UK that are 3 years old or more. The annual inspection follows strict criteria set out by the DVSA that determines if your car is fit for purpose and in roadworthy condition. The MOT test covers a broad range of vehicle safety checks including lights, tyres, seatbelts and emissions and can only be carried out by an MOT garage with DVSA-approved examiners. For a full list of what is included in an MOT when you have your test at AFP M O T

During the MOT test the nominated tester, a person accredited by the DVSA to assess your vehicle, will conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure the vehicle is in roadworthy condition. However, it is not the same as having your vehicle serviced and the MOT test does not check the general mechanical condition of the vehicle. Also, the assessment is based on the condition of the vehicle on the day.

If the vehicle passes, the nominated tester will separately list and inform you of any 'advisory' or 'minor' items that will require attention in the near future so you can keep an eye on them.

If the vehicle fails, you may be entitled to a free re-test.

Your MoT Centre  AFP M O T 

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